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We are experts in Travel Management providing specialized consulting and outsourcing services to clients

Through our high level of expertise in business travel and expense management, we help businesses reduce costs, achieve change and operate more efficiently. The success we continually achieve for our customers is driven by our relentless approach to challenging the norm. Every day, blue chip companies and major global corporations benefit from our in-depth knowledge and understanding of travel and expense management.

Rave lust was formed in 2016 in response to a clear market need for operationally-skilled travel consulting services

We are travel industry professionals with over 100 years combined experience in the travel market and are passionate about making travel management easier and more cost effective for our clients. As a result of our extensive travel industry capabilities we provide businesses with our deep insight, uniquely combining travel purchasing and travel management experience. Rave lust approach is to fully understand our clients' objectives and the ability of the suppliers to deliver. We engage at both the strategic and the tactical level. Our team pride themselves on having the additional 'hands on' operational skills to excel in delivering travel related projects.

We believe in delivering the right results for our clients and therefore immerse ourselves in the detail to ensure project success. This approach means Rave Lust consistently delivers successful projects. Rave lust is completely independent of any travel supplier, enabling a non-biased and intelligent approach to travel procurement and management. Rave lust has seen significant growth since its inception and continues to acquire new clients, largely through word-of-mouth recommendation. Some clients simply engage Rave lust for a few days to provide advice and expertise. Others prefer to retain Rave lust as a key resource to work alongside their travel or procurement teams. The Rave lust approach is not to sit on the side-lines but to offer full support at the granular level, to ensure success. We like success, so we do the detail.

Travel Agency Implementations are complex and carry the potentialfor risk ā€“let us de-risk your implementation.

Our team have extensive experience working on both sides of a travel service implementation ā€“ on behalf of the client and working within travel agencies. We ensure that we understand and implement what has been contractually agreed between the travel supplier and the client. Rave Lust manages the de-implementation with the incumbent and the implementation of the new supplier. We cover all aspects of the implementation and have proven methodology to ensure nothing is missed or misunderstood. We are flexible about how we support organizations. We can provide support from the supplier selection phase or be engaged to implement after the supplier has been selected. We also consult with organisations and travel/procurement teams who require implementation expertise to ensure implementation plans are robust and risk is managed appropriately. In our experience no implementation plan is right first time, organizations and travel suppliers need to be challenged in the right way to ensure what has been planned will deliver as required ā€“ we are experts in this.




Medical tourism" refers to traveling to another country for medical care. It's estimated that thousands of US residents travel abroad for care each year. Many factors influence the decision to seek medical care overseas. Some people travel for care because treatment is cheaper in another country. Other medical tourists may be immigrants to the United States who prefer to return to their home country for health care. Still others may travel to receive a procedure or therapy not available in the United States. The most common procedures that people undergo on medical tourism trips include cosmetic surgery, dentistry, and heart surgery and many more.


The best added value we can offer to those who choose to buy a Rave Lust Tours Vacation lies in the experience acquired over so many years of activity and Especially in our love for travel, which enables us, day after day, to offer something More to our customers. For them we have selected many of the most exciting Destinations, themost exclusive itineraries, the most comfortable hotels, with A special focus on solutions designed to satisfy the specific requirements of an Italian clientele, offering a choice between pure relaxation holidays, cultural tours And special packages combining culture and leisure, and, for those wishing to Concentrate the emotions of a journey in a few days, the opportunity to do so over The span of a weekend.


Absolute respect for the host countries and unwavering dedication have enabled Us to grow professionally together with our partners, so that oftentimes we are Perceived by the latter as the best choice on account of the utmost degree of Reliability that we can ensure. It is the same dependability that is appreciated day After day by the people who travel with us and can count on the constant and Discreet assistance of an Italian staff, always mindful of the needs of our guests And at the same time qualified supervisors of the quality of the services offered.





This is a 24/7 customer care service provided throughout the journey via a Telephone number which is handed over to our customers together with their Travel documents.


The world is our home and thanks to our strong experience we at Rave Lust Tourism are able to offer travel solutions in every corner of our wonderful planet. This applies in particular, to the Indian Ocean, with Sri Lanka, a Country where Nature and history vie to capture the hearts and minds of travellers; Mauritius, A.k.a. the "smiling island" on account of the warm hospitality of its people; the Maldives, a genuine Garden of Eden under an equatorial sky and custodian of an Enchanted hidden paradise: the Kaleidoscope of life forms, shapes and colours That live around one of the most suggestive undisturbed coral reefs left on earth; And finally, the Seychelles, an archipelago that has more than a hundred islands, a Veritable natural reserve of virgin forests and tropical beaches. The fascinating world of the Arab Emirates is another destination that has Characterised for years the range of sites covered both by Rave Lust with the elegant, Cosmopolitan and affluent Dubai, the sunny "City of Gold," and Abu Dhabi, two of the most exciting locations for people seeking a vacation That is truly out of the ordinary, and Oman, a land that has retained its mysterious Quality and arcane allure.

Inextricably associated with the history of Rave Lust are exciting destinations in North Africa, including places that resonate with the fascination of history, like Egypt, offering unforgettable cultural experiences such as cruises on the Nile River, or short-and long-term stays on the banks of the Red Sea, where the sun Shines all year round; Morocco, where a natural setting of extraordinary beauty Is the backdrop of an ancient, highly refined civilisation; and Israel, a mosaic of Cultures, history and religions set against enchanting scenery. Rave Lust was one of the Best operators to propose tours in Israel, in Tunisia and In Jordan, unique location in terms natural beauty and artistic treasures.

The fact that that you need not always travel far to reach a place of extraordinary Beauty finds confirmation in the fascination and unmistakable flavour of the Mediterranean Sea, with some of the most attractive and secluded sites located In Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, or in Turkey, the ideal bridge between Europe and Asia, with extremely lively cities rich with history, such as Istanbul, the fairy-tale like Landscape of Cappadocia, plenty of relaxing seaside resorts.

From our experience in the long-haul destinations it originates A wide range of proposals encompassing more distant locations, with a special Focus on the American continent: from Canada, and Alaska to the U.S., with Unique tours, the majesty of great natural reserves, or thrilling stays in New York - The mythical Big Apple.

Another favourite of Italian travellers is the Caribbean region, a heaven-like world Comprises of islands small and big, each of them with an unmistakable personality Of its own, and all of them sharing the beauty of nature and the warmth of their people; Mexico and Guatemala, rich in nature and featuring the splendid Remnants of ancient civilisations. Deep and mysterious Africa offers destinations In Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa, featuring stunning scenery, fabulous natural Reserves, splendid beaches.

The Far East with Thailand, Indonesia, China, India, South East Asia and Japan Are lands characterised by a rich heritage with remnants of ancient and Extremely refined civilisations. Finally, for those who really want to reach the Confines of the world, stunning destinations in Australia, New Zealand and French Polynesia include dream islands like Tahiti and Bora Bora.

Visa Services

We, at Rave Lust, know and adhere to the fact that holidays and vacations are a time for a change; to be out and about exploring new places, meeting new people and just soaking in the good times. An international holiday trip that you have been planning for years to come gives you access to this. You need an all-access pass that will let you explore the beauty of the world. Your visa is that travel document that enables you to be the explorer you always wanted to be.

Now, there was a time when applying for a visa was a somewhat cumbersome job. Thanks to the change and enhancement of technology, you can now apply for a visa online. Believe it or not, the visa application process has become quite easy. It's not just tourist visa , but you can also apply for a business visa online by following a simple and easy process. Student visa can also be applied online, if you are travelling for further education. Online visa application has made it rather easy for you to apply for the visa.

So how do you go about applying for your visa?

1. Start at the beginning: You need to be clear about your travel dates. Make sure you have your journey tickets available before you apply for a visa. Almost all the consulates will ask you to submit your travel dates.

2. Time Frame: While the processing time no longer takes months like it used to, you still need to apply for a visa at least one month in advance. You need to remember that each country has its own procedure and time frame for visa clearance. So make sure that you have enough time on hand just in case the consulate asks for additional documentation. While a Schengen visa may take only a week or so, a visa to Canada takes up to 35 working days.

3. Documentation: You will need clear documentation while you apply for a visa. Your passport is the most important document you will need. Make sure that your passport is valid for six months post your travel dates. If your passport is about to expire immediately, your chances of getting a visa are almost nil. Many countries will also ask you to come for an interview or to provide your biometrics.

If you are applying for a tourist visa, you will need to show your personal financial records along with your itinerary, insurance, accommodation, etc. A business visa, on the other hand, will require an invitation from the counterpart and you will need to furnish your company records, along with a company letter for the same.

While applying for student visa, you will need to show your college admission documents along with your financials. One of the major requirements for a student visa is student travel insurance.

A point to remember is that if the consulate feels that they need further documentation, they will send you an intimation asking for additional details.

4. Visa Fees: Now that you have a general idea about what is required, you can apply for a visa online just by entering your travel dates and purpose. You can calculate your visa fees with this information.

5. Track your visa: One of the best things about online visa is you can track your visa application online. All you need to do is fill in your reference number, and you will know the real-time status of your application.

6. Foreign Exchange : Once you are done with all the formalities for visa process, there comes another important thing which you shouldn't miss. That is the foreign exchange. It is always recommended to carry the local currency of the place you're visiting, to avoid the extra currency conversion fees abroad. One can also buy a Forex Card, as it is the most convenient way of carrying foreign currency.

All the information you need is now at your fingertips. We believe that your travel should be hassle free and you should have no stress about your holidays . Our online visa process centre will help you with all your visa related queries and help you with the process. So if you are still worried about your visa and don't know how to go about it, fret not. We are here for you!